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What's Your Home Really Worth?

What's Your Home Really Worth?

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Why Sell With Us?

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented some unique challenges in real estate. At Prodigy Real Estate we were already ahead of the curve with our virtual showings!

Here’s what we’re doing to market your home during unprecedented times:

We were the first local company to incorporate videos into our marketing. Prodigy's mission is to showcase each of our seller's listings by showing buyers what makes them special, not just telling them.

Our approach includes remarkable 4k drone video, cinematic video tours narrated by on-camera talent, and cutting-edge 3D virtual reality tours. Plus, every listing receives professional in-house photography! This allows buyers to view your home from their living rooms safely and in the best light. Customized for each listing, our dazzling marketing videos are as unique as your property.

The best part?! This is all included in your listing fee!

While other real estate companies scramble for new ways to show their listings to buyers online, Prodigy Real Estate was lightyears ahead of this approach. Our company was built on our strong conviction that innovative virtual marketing is essential to the real estate process. The transition to social distancing isn’t much of a change for us at all.

We use social media marketing and SEO as cornerstones for our sellers to connect with buyers. Home seekers can search for your property using advanced tools on our website. But you don't have to wait for them to find you either. With social media, we can target home buyers to see your property first, before all the hundreds of others that would come up in a property search!

While other companies may be forced to outsource all of their marketing, we are equipped with an in-house team. This not only keeps our costs down (and therefore yours), our creative team can work with you directly. No disconnect from third-party companies! Since we have direct creative control, we ensure that production is more personal, higher quality, and often faster!

With new safeguards in place for our real estate clients, many of our processes are better carried out virtually. These tools allow us to show buyers a live and interactive view of your home without even stepping foot in the door. So look no further. Let all of us at Prodigy Real Estate guide you throughout the entire process, whilst making sure your health and safety is our top priority!


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Prodigy Real Estate is an innovative real estate company offering high-end video production, home valuation services, purchasing, and home sales. Serving New York and New Jersey.